River leon bridges chords

What is asus2 guitar?

A chord that’s “suspended” in between A and A minor. By Lana Cooper. The Asus2 (or A suspended 2nd) chord, is easy to play, but has a sound that’s hard to pin down. This is attributed to the fact that a suspended chord can often be used in place of major or minor chords with the same root note.

What guitar chord is f m?

F Sharp Minor

What chord is g2?

G2 Chord . Chord G2 notes: G, A, D, A, B and G. The strings 5(A), 4(D) and 2(B) are left open. Observation: G2 is not a standard chord symbol, but it’s often used (incorrectly) instead of Gadd2/Gadd9 (the chord on this page), or Gsus2/Gadd9(no3).

What is a c9 chord?

C9 chord (also called Dominant 9th chord ) for piano presented by keyboard diagrams. Explanation: The C ninth is a five-note chord . Theory: The C ninth chord is constructed with a root, a major third, a perfect fifth, a minor seventh and a major ninth.

What key is the river by Bruce Springsteen in?

E minor