Gimme shelter chords

What tuning is Gimme Shelter in?

You will need to tune your guitar to “Open E” in order to play all of the chords of this Stones classic. Starting from the 6th string, tune your guitar to E B E G# B E. Keith Richards employs open tunings throughout a lot of The Rolling Stones’ repertoire to great effect.

Is Gimme Shelter the best song ever?

Written by Keith Richards and Mick Jagger, ‘ Gimme Shelter ‘ was the perfect album opener, and though never released as a single, it has long been one of the Stones’ best -loved songs .

Is Gimme Shelter in the Irishman?

For two-thirds of its runtime, The Irishman resembles a Scorsese greatest-hits compilation, minus the signature ’60s and ’70s pop/rock soundtrack (“ Gimme Shelter ” is nowhere to be found). It’s still effective within the film’s diegesis, but Scorsese employs a distancing effect by foregrounding the age of his actors.

What guitar was used on Gimme Shelter?

Les Paul Standard

What guitar does Keith Richards play on Gimme Shelter?


Who sings with Mick Jagger Gimme Shelter?

The Rolling Stones

Who covered Gimme Shelter?


Title Performer Release date
Gimme Shelter 808 State and Robert Owens April 13, 1993
Gimme Shelter New Model Army featuring Tom Jones April 13, 1993
Gimme Shelter Hawkwind 1993
Gimmie Shelter Michael Hedges 1993

What is the story behind Gimme Shelter?

Written by Keef as he brooded over Anita’s dalliance with Mick, Gimme Shelter represented something darker and more universal: rape, murder and the death of the 1960s spirit. Yet the song was wrought from the heaviest of materials.

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How many times has Scorsese used Gimme Shelter?

He has used ” Gimme Shelter ” alone in three films; and appropriately enough for the song in which Jagger howls that rape and murder are “just a shot away”, the films are Scorsese’s trio of blood-soaked gangster dramas, Goodfellas, Casino and The Departed.

What movie is Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter in?

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Rolling Stones

Who murdered Brian Jones?

Frank Thorogood