Block chords

Which pianist pioneered the use of block chords?

George Shearing

What is a broken chord?

A broken chord is a chord broken into a sequence of notes. A broken chord may repeat some of the notes from the chord and span one or more octaves.

What does block chords mean?

A block chord is a chord or voicing built directly below the melody either on the strong beats or to create a four-part harmonized melody line in “locked-hands” rhythmic unison with the melody, as opposed to broken chords . Generic block chord — chords that simply follow the above rule.

How do you play a broken chord on piano?

Broken chords are very similar to playing a natural chord where you play the first, third and fifth notes of a scale at the same time. You use the same fingerings as you would playing a ‘normal’ chord . So if you use your thumb, middle finger and pinkie to play the chord , you would use the same to play a broken chord .

Is an arpeggio a broken chord?

Well every arpeggio is a broken chord , but not every broken chord is an arpeggio . A broken chord is just as it sounds: a chord that is broken up in some way, shape, or form where you are not playing the the full chord at once.