Who played lead guitar on last train to clarksville

Who played on last train to Clarksville?

Micky Dolenz

Is the last train to Clarksville pro war?

The song ” Last Train to Clarksville ” was written by Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart, a songwriting team that wrote several Monkees hits. In an interview published by Songfacts, Hart explained that yes, it was a Vietnam War protest song about a young man who gets drafted. We couldn’t be too direct with The Monkees.

Who wrote the Monkees song Last Train to Clarksville?

Томми Бойс Роберт Люк Харшман

Who played guitar on the Monkees song Valerie?

guitarist Louie Shelton

When was Last Train to Clarksville?


Are any of the Monkees still alive?

Jones died in February 2012 and Tork died in February 2019. Dolenz and Nesmith remain active members of the group.

Who wrote the song Pleasant Valley Sunday?

Gerry Goffin

Did the Monkees play their own instruments?

A large problem the Monkees faced was accusations that none of them could play a musical instrument , because the music on their first records was mostly made by studio musicians. Nesmith and Dolenz played guitar, and Dolenz took drum lessons, so he could play drums on camera. Tork played guitar, keyboards and banjo.

Who wrote Cheer up sleepy Jean?

John Stewart

Who wrote the Monkees song?

Official Monkees Songs

Song Year Songwriter(s)
“As We Go Along” 1968 Carole King , Toni Stern
“Auntie’s Municipal Court” 1968 Keith Allison, Michael Nesmith
“Band 6″”Band 6” 1967 Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones , Michael Nesmith , Peter Tork
“A Better World” 2016 Nick Thorkelson
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Who wrote the Monkees theme song?

Boyce and Hart Tommy Boyce Robert Luke Harshman

Did the Monkees lip sync?

They didn’t lip sync on the records. They actually sang on them. Basically, they were a prefabricted group put together by producers for a TV show, but they were talented as actors singers and musicians: which is why they won their auditions, obviously.

Who sang Valerie in 1968?

Valerie (Zutons song)

” Valerie “
Label Deltasonic
Songwriter(s) Abi Harding Boyan Chowdhury Dave McCabe Russ Pritchard Sean Payne
Producer(s) Stephen Street
The Zutons singles chronology