Where can i get my guitar plek’d

What does it mean to have a guitar PLEK D?

What is a Plek, you ask? A Plek is a computer controlled fret leveling tool, which in the hands of an experienced tech, can provide an unparalleled fret job. It levels frets with an accuracy of . 001″, assists in the process of making nuts, and offers extremely advanced setup functions.

Can you PLEK an acoustic guitar?

Through the use of a Plek ® machine, which is used in guitar production to perform precise fret dressing and optimal string action, Martin Guitar believes they are producing the best acoustic instruments. “For 183 years, the Martin Guitar Company has been manufacturing the world’s best acoustic guitars .

How much does a PLEK station cost?

Gents, A PLEK machine runs around $250,000 US. Any luthier who invests in one is a pro and goes through extensive training beyond what they learned (hopefully from an accredited school such as the Roberto Venn School of Luthiery in Arizona, as an example).

Is a PLEK setup worth it?

If they did, I don’t think it’s worth doing a plek . A plek is a great setup but it can’t work miracles or fix a guitar with other structural issues. A plek machine is just a tool, the quality of the setup all depends on the person using it.

Are Taylor Guitars PLEK D?

No, they do not. Taylor has their own in-house developed computer controlled process to maintain consistency of their necks and fret work. They do not license PLEK.

Does Fender use PLEK?

Fender doesn’t use PLEK machines on any model, in any manufacturing facility.

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How long does it take to PLEK a guitar?

I had a new bone nut cut, which added to the time (cut the bone to fit, rough cut the slots, have the Plek machine cut the slots, polish the nut). Measuring/cutting the frets might take 20-30 minutes.

Does Gibson PLEK all guitars?

At Gibson’s USA plant and Custom Shop, PLEK machines are located on the former sites of the fret filing departments. Every guitar is adjusted and set — that is, leveled and dressed — using the machines.

What does PLEK stand for?


How does a PLEK machine work?

Your guitar is loaded into the Plek Pro machine , which scans the guitar’s fingerboard and frets, evaluating the string positions and heights along the entire length of the neck. Then the Plek machine goes to work , automatically leveling and dressing the frets for maximum playability.

How much does fret leveling cost?

The typical going rate usually runs about $150, though, depending on geographical location.

Are Suhr Guitars PLEK D?

PLEK SYSTEM Suhr guitars then does a final fret dressing to insure a perfect action and fret height.

How much does Sweetwater charge to PLEK?

Just ordered a guitar from Sweetwater . An upgraded Epiphone casino that has Gibson pup’s and some other bells and whistles. They will Plek it for $99.