What kind of guitar does brian setzer play

What happened to Brian Setzer?

Brian Setzer will not be coming home for the holidays to perform this year. Due to a severe case of tinnitus, the Massapequa-raised musician has been ordered by his doctor to cancel his annual “Christmas Rocks! Tour,” which had been set to stop at NYCB Theatre at Westbury on Nov.

How much is Brian Setzer worth?

How much is Brian Setzer Worth? Brian Setzer net worth: Brian Setzer is an American songwriter, guitarist and singer who has a net worth of $8 million . He is probably most famous for being the lead singer of the Stray Cats and the Brian Setzer Orchestra.

Who plays Gretsch guitar?

The company’s guitars have been played by countless famous players, including the Beatles’ George Harrison and John Lennon, the Rolling Stones’ Brian Jones, and Pete Townshend, who played a 1959 orange Gretsch 6120 given to him by Joe Walsh on much of the 1971 album Who’s Next and 1973’s Quadrophenia.

Is Brian Setzer a nice guy?

Brian Setzer is probably a very nice guy – I probably caught him on a bad day when he’d been traveling for fifteen hours on an airplane. Despite that, to me he’ll always be a jerk. Don’t follow in his footsteps – always, ALWAYS be safe in the lab!

Who is Brian Setzer married to?

Julie Reiten m. 2005 Christine Schmidt m. 1994–2002 DeAnna Madsen m. 1984–1992

How good is Brian Setzer?

Brian Setzer , in my opinion, is one of the best guitarists in the world. He has single-handedly brought back two genres of music, regardless of the music going on at the time. His energy is incredible both on and off the stage.

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How old is Brian Setzer?

61 years (April 10, 1959)

Are the stray cats still alive?

Stray Cats are an American rockabilly band formed in 1979 by guitarist and vocalist Brian Setzer, double bassist Lee Rocker, and drummer Slim Jim Phantom in the Long Island town of Massapequa, New York.

Stray Cats
Years active 1979–1984 1986–1993 2004–2009 2018–present
Labels Arista, EMI America, Capitol

Do Gretsch guitars hold their value?

Gretsch . The expensive models again hold value . A Country Gentlemen I’ve played for decades is worth about 4 times today what I paid for it in the 80s. Gretsch introduced a bargain line that has had ok sales, but they are what they are.

Are Gretsch guitars worth the money?

It’s a bit of a niche guitar , appealing to a smaller group who are willing to pay more (aka the Mac phenomenon.) In that way, Gretsch is analogous to Rickenbacker. The resale value is commensurate with the original price as well. And, of course, they’re worth it.

Is Gretsch owned by Fender?

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation also produces a wide variety of guitars, musical instruments, and musical equipment through other companies that it has acquired, such as EVH Guitars, Gretsch , Charvel Guitars, Jackson Guitars, and Squier.