What is guitar neck radius

How is guitar neck radius measured?

You’ll be well on your way to finding the right guitar for you. The fingerboard radius measurement itself refers to the radius of a circle from which a small segment of the circumference equal to the width of the fingerboard is taken.

What is the best guitar neck radius?

A rounder radius of 9.5 to 10 inches is popular for open position chords. A flatter radius of 12 to 16 inches is popular for guitar soloing and bending notes. A compound radius offers both, starting rounder in open position and flattening out as you move higher up the neck .

What is the radius of a Les Paul neck?

But the new Standard also features a compound neck radius, and whereas the Les Paul Standard Traditional sports a 12″ radius from nut to the 22nd fret, the new Standard boasts a 10″ radius at the nut that flattens to 16″ at the other end of the fretboard.

What is the best guitar neck radius for small hands?

People with small hands tend to have an easier time playing on flatter, thinner necks , which means that they will often benefit from a fretboard radius that is 12“ or above. This is why shred guitars like the John Petrucci Signature series for example, have a fretboard radius of 16″.

What is the best guitar neck shape for small hands?

You may be able to play a full-sized guitar with ease if the neck is thin and not too wide. While a full-sized guitar with a chunky neck may feel impossible. The best guitar for short fingers or small hands is one with a flat neck that makes it easier for your shorter fingers to reach around the neck.

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What is a 7.25 radius neck?

A vintage radius at 7.25 ” would has the most severe curvature to it. Many vintage guitars and vintage reissue guitars have a 7.25 ” radius on them which is extremely. 1963 Fender Stratocaster with a 7.25 ″ Radius . comfortable for chords, but can get a little dicy playing lead notes and bending.

Which guitar has the thinnest neck?

Finding an instrument that you feel comfortable with is far more essential, and when it comes to comfort and feel, the profile of the guitar neck is critical. The electric guitar with the thinnest neck is likely the Fender American Professional’s Kurt Cobain Jaguar or its slightly cheaper cousin, the Mustang.

What is the best guitar neck shape?

The oval c-shape guitar neck is a comfortable shape for all playing styles unless you have large hands. In fact, the c-shape is the most common type of guitar neck shape. It’s nearly flat and highly comfortable to play. Modern guitars like Fender Stratocasters have a flat oval c-shape .

Are jumbo frets better?

On the other hand, jumbo 6100 fret wire can provide easier playability with better sustain, tone and bending because you don’t have to press as hard to fret the strings, but your fingers probably won’t even touch the fingerboard, which could take some getting used to if you’re accustomed to smaller frets .

What Gibson Les Paul has the thinnest neck?

LP classics have the thinnest necks of any post-Norlin Gibson . There is a lot of variation in the ’60s’ neck from guitar to guitar.

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Are wide neck guitars easier to play?

Are wide neck guitars easier to play ? If you have large hands and long fingers, then yes. Rather than trying to squeeze your fingers into fretboards, a wide neck guitar will allow you to play comfortably.

Which Stratocaster has the thinnest neck?

. the 68 or 67 style Japanese Fender Strats have the thinnest and narrowest neck i have ever played on a Strat .

Can a guitar be too big?

While it’s certainly possible that the guitar is too big for you. It’s not very likely (considering artists like Sheryl Crow and Emmylou Harris play dread or jumbo sized guitars ). I’m only about 5’4″ish myself, but dreads aren’t a problem (they’re not my favorite size, but they’re not painful).