What guitar does james hetfield play

What guitar did James Hetfield use on Master of Puppets?

James Hetfield Jackson King V Custom “Kill Bon Jovi” (1985) was used by James for the recording of the album Master of Puppets in 1985, and occasionally during the subsequent tour.

What kind of guitar does Metallica use?

ESP Kirk Hammett Signature Guitars Much like James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett has relied on his ESP workhorses for decades while in Metallica. Opting for the Superstrat-style M-II instruments around the time of the Black Album, this model later inspired Kirk’s KH-2 signature guitar.

How many guitars does James Hetfield have?


Does James Hetfield alternate pick?

Not ALL downstrokes. He downstrokes a lot of riffs and has tremendous right hand stamina, but there are Metallica songs with alternate picking . However, you will notice in the song “Battery” (from the same album) James uses alternate picking for the main riff.

How do I get the James Hetfield tone?

Record a riff to the onboard metronome, play the loop back and then practise playing the riff over the top. Alternatively, use the jam-along drum loops. If you want to sound like Hetfield , get working on your downstrokes, all day, every day.

Can James Hetfield read music?

Metallica’s Hetfield Says His 1st Instrument Was Piano: ‘I Could Read Music ‘ “Yeah, I was in sixth grade, I could read music . I went to some old lady’s house and got to play the piano.

How much is James Hetfield worth?

James Hetfield has an estimated net worth of $300 million . His fortune comes from the success of Metallica.

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What gauge strings does Hetfield use?

James Hetfield uses 0.11 gauge Power Slinky strings according to this Ernie Ball advertisement.

Did James Hetfield take guitar lessons?

James Hetfield First Guitar : Unknown model bought from a member of his school’s jazz band for $200. How He Learned: Self-taught, though he did take piano lessons at the age of nine.

Who is James Hetfield’s wife?

Francesca Hetfield m. 1997

How does James Hetfield hold his pick?

In addition to being an amazing singer-songwriter James Hetfield is also a great guitar player known for his incredibly fast and precise downpicking. He famously uses three fingers to hold his pick . Holding it like that you get more power and muting control, but can be weird for some at first.

How do I get faster at Downpicking?

If you want to increase your downstroke. Practice your upstrokes and shorten your range of motion. You can only pick as fast as you can recoil. If your hand is slower at getting back to the position you need to be in to perform the downstroke, you will only be able to downstroke so fast .