What guitar does brad paisley use

What guitar strings does brad paisley use?

In a GuitarPlayer interview with Brad Paisley, when asked what his basic signal chain is, he talks about the Ernie Ball strings he uses: “I still use . 010-. 046 Ernie Ball strings on most of my guitars, the only variation being that I’ve also started using their new Coated Titanium Electric Slinky strings.

What brand acoustic guitar does Brad Paisley play?

Santa Cruz Guitar Company proudly announces the debut of the Brad Paisley Signature Model Guitar. The story begins with Paisley’s acoustic guitar mastery and his well-deserved super star status.

Who makes Brad Paisley guitars?

Award-winning country music superstar Brad Paisley joined forces with Fender to put a twist on a legendary guitar . The Brad Paisley Road Worn® Esquire® is bold, resonant and adds something extra to the traditional single-pickup workhorse from the early-1950s.

Why does Brad Paisley put his guitars in the freezer?

Paisley’s sister-in-law confessed that Paisley keeps his guitars in the freezer during an interview. Paisley explained it to us saying that he likes to “make things exactly as they should be” and by putting new guitars in the freezer , the wood cracks in all the right places making a new guitar sound perfect afterwards.

What amps does brad paisley use?

1) Paisley’s road amps include a Dr. Z Stingray (on case), and other tone monsters like this (center stack, top to bottom) Trainwreck Liverpool 30, and two Z Wrecks, by Dr. Z, a.k.a. Mike Zaite, (right, from top) two Bruno Underground 30s, and a Bruno Cowtipper.

What kind of guitar does Keith Urban play?

Fender Custom Shop 40th Anniversary Telecaster

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What is the best guitar for country music?


How did Brad Paisley learn guitar?

Paisley said he owes his grounded nature to his grandfather, Warren Jarvis, who gave him his first guitar when Paisley was just 8 years old, a Sears Danelectro Silvertone that Jarvis ordered from the department store’s catalogue.

Where are Santa Cruz guitars made?


Why put a guitar in the freezer?

putting guitars in the freezer helps “relic” guitars , as in, make them look old.

Does Ashley Williams have a sister?

Kimberly Williams-Paisley