The red special is an electric guitar owned and custom built by who?

How much is Brian May’s Red Special worth?

You can get one that is made from instrument grade wood (Mahogany/ebony) for around $6500.00 , or a more exact replica( made out of blockboard and veneers for about $7500.00. He reverse engineered one that luthier John Page had made for Brian, back in the early eighties.

What is the Red Special made of?

May’s original Red Special is constructed with unusual materials. The body is made of oak and blockboard, and topped with a mahogany veneer. Its center block and neck consists of an unknown wood taken from an old fireplace mantel, and the fretboard is oak.

Is the red special a good guitar?

As above, the Red special can sound huge, but not as huge as a Gibson Les Paul or a Gibson ES335. It’s got a decent tremolo system but with that neck, it’s not exactly a speed machine. This guitar falls between many stools, not knowing what it really wants to be.

How many guitars does Brian may own?

He carries two guitars with him built by Greg Fryer, which are perhaps the most authentic copies, as Fryer had the original Red Special under x-ray in order to gather up as much information on the internal cavities in the body. Brian May now also owns the company that makes and sells Red Special replicas.

Did Brian may build his own guitar?

The Red Special is the electric guitar designed and built by Queen’s guitarist Brian May and his father, Harold, when Brian was a teenager in the early 1960s. The Red Special is sometimes referred to as the Fireplace or the Old Lady by May and by others.

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Did Brian may use a pick?

Known for his iconic guitar sound, Queen’s Brian May prefers using a coin – specifically Britain’s sixpence, which he says offers more control – over a conventional guitar pick . “I love that ability … it’s a kind of consonant sound, you know?”

How old is Brian May?

73 years (July 19, 1947)

Are Brian May Guitars Any Good?

The BM Guitars team has yet again made further improvements, making this a very well constructed, versatile, and unique sounding instrument, offering great build quality and fantastic playability, at a very budget friendly price. It also comes with a premier padded gig bag with a stitched Brian May logo.

Is Brian May one of the best guitar players?

Queen guitarist Brian May voted as the greatest rock guitarist of all time. The legendary Queen guitarist , Brian May , has been named the greatest rock guitarist of all time, voted by the readers of Total Guitar magazine.

What guitars did Brian May play?

Brian May primarily plays a guitar that he and his father built when he was a teenager. He calls it the Red Special , and its one-of-a-kind sound is featured in nearly everything he does. Other than that, he has occasionally used a Fender Esquire , a Fender Telecaster , and an Ovation Pacemaker 1615.

How did Brian may build his guitar?

Brian and Harold heated one end of a steel rod, then bent it into a loop. The loop was bolted at the body side of the guitar , while the rest of the bar runs through the neck to the headstock end. Brian originally wanted the guitar to be semi-acoustic, so he carved resonant chambers into the block board.

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How does Brian may get his guitar sound?

Brian loves the sound of the serrated edge of the coin against the strings, which is especially apparent during clean passages when the guitar volume is backed down.

What gauge string does Brian may use?

009–. 042 strings. May rocks his various Red Special models with the help of sixpence coins because they give him the ultimate touch-sensitivity control allowing him to feel every contact the coin has against the strings.

Where is Brian May from Queen?

Hampton, United Kingdom