How to tie classical guitar strings

Can I use ball end strings on classical guitar?

String manufacturers state right on the package their ball – end nylon strings are ok to use on classical guitars with a tie-block bridge. But, most experienced players recommend they NOT be used , for a variety of reasons.

Which end of a classical guitar string goes where?

Nylon strings often have one end loosely wound for greater flexibility. This is the end that ties onto the bridge. Slide the end of the string through the hole in the front side of the bridge. Leave about three inches of string sticking out behind the bridge.

What is the difference between hard tension and normal tension classical guitar strings?

It follows that high tension strings are generally heavy strings , while normal and low tension are lighter strings . The three treble strings are commonly made of nylon, but can also be made of more dense fluorocarbon.

How long do classical guitar strings last?

If you play often, say for 2 hours a day every day, then you should look at changing them every month. If you play less often then look at changing them every 2 to 3 months. Under no circumstances put acoustic steel strings on a classical guitar !

What are the best classical guitar strings?

The Best Nylon / Classical Guitar Strings La Bella 820. D’Addario EJ49. Savarez 540R. D’Addario EJ43. Hannabach 815 LT. D’Addario EJ46. Savarez 500CJ. Ernie Ball 2069.

Can you put regular strings on a classical guitar?

We suggest quality set of “normal tension” classical strings from a company like D’Addario. NEVER PUT STEEL STRINGS ON A CLASSICAL GUITAR . Most nylon-strung guitars do not have truss-rods to protect their necks from the increased tension of steel strings , which means the neck on your guitar could warp.

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Are nylon strings easier to play than steel?

Yes, nylon strings are softer and more gently on players’ fingers, so beginners generally won’t have to worry about finger pain or developing the callouses that will help them practice pain-free. And steel strings are, well, made out of steel , so sore fingers are definitely in your future.

Can you mix nylon and steel strings on a guitar?

No. Steel and nylon on an acoustic guitar is just nutty and if you tried to fit a pickup it would not work for three strings . Metal strings on a classical/Spanish guitar could rip the bridge out. You need to be sure which kind of guiar it is.

How do you tune a classical guitar?

Tuning Basics 1st String – E4, (frequency = 329.63) 2nd String – B3, (frequency = 246.94) 3rd String – G3, (frequency = 196.00) 4th String – D3, (frequency = 146.83) 5th String – A2, (frequency = 110.00) 6th String – E2, (frequency = 82.41)