How to relic a guitar

How long does it take to naturally Relic A Guitar?

If its nitro, probably 5-10 years of decent use will show big signs of natural wear. Probably only take a few years for it to start.

Can you relic a poly guitar?

Yes, it will chip and crack. A poly coated guitar that has had honest long term wear is going to do that. You may not need to take it all the way to the wood for pick wear, but just scratch the heck out of it with a few chips in there somewhere and maybe just a place or two where it’s worn to the wood.

Why are relic guitars popular?

There’s a certain feel to relic -ed guitars that some people really dig. It has to do with how the worn finish feels compared to a sticky “non-aged” coat. In places, a relic guitar would also have raw wood exposed, especially the back of the neck – which some people love as well.

How much does it cost to Relic A Guitar?

A new AV Strat is US$2299, maybe minus 15% or so if you buy in person from a shop that knows you. A search of for “Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster Heavy Relic ” turns up over 100 guitars starting at about $2,200, with a bunch of nice choices under $3,000.

What causes finish checking guitar?

A crack in a guitar or bass’s finish . Checking can result when the temperature changes. As the temperature increases or decreases, the instrument’s wooden body and neck expand or contract at a different rate than its finish , causing the finish to crack. See also “ checking .”

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How can you tell the age of a wood guitar?

When I age wood I use the steel wool vinegar thing. Soak the steel wool in a GLASS jar of vinegar until the stuff turns brown from the rust – maybe a week or so. Put it on with a brush. The grain will raise from the moisture so you must sand it down again.

How long does a guitar take to age?

Englemann is softer than Sitka and would open up faster. When I get a new guitar, I usually play it about the same rate you do, maybe a little less, and they tend to take 3-6 months to start opening up. His top is Cedar.

Does poly finish age?

Polyurethane finishes look great, age well and are extremely durable. Polyurethane was invented in Germany in 1937. Further, urethane ages well—it doesn’t check, crack and yellow as nitro finishes do .

Do aged guitars sound better?

But it does seem to happen that many older guitars sound better than modern ones. So many great old guitars have better top wood than modern guitars . And you can be sure that when you hear an amazing sounding vintage guitar , it owes its tone in large measure to a great top, whether by happenstance or someone’s skill.

Do relic guitars sound better?

When this first started it was said that Relics AND Closet Classics sounded better than NOS. The reason was said by many to be in the pickups in that the magnets were slightly different- aged. The Relics I have played have sounded better to me than the NOS I’ve played.

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What does relic guitar mean?

Relic guitars are made to look worn, scratched, chipped and tattered even though they’re brand new. A relic finish, otherwise known as an ageing or distressing process, varies in outcome like any other hand-designed guitar feature.

How does Gibson paint their guitars?

The guitar spray booth gives the instruments a positive electrostatic charge and the paint has a negative charge, which makes it adhere to every part of the instrument. Nonetheless, the air brushes are hand controlled by Speight and his peers, giving the finish of each Gibson guitar distinctive qualities.