How to play vida la vida on guitar

What does Viva La Vida mean?

Long Live Life

What key is Viva La Vida in?

A-flat major

Does Kelly Clarkson play the guitar?

Kelly Clarkson has performed her song “Piece by Piece” over and over in concert and the song also gets the pop star emotional. Playing guitar , the 42-year-old strolled over behind Kelly as her guitar player walked off.

What is cm7 chord?

Cm7 is a four-note chord consisting of C, Eb, G, Bb. Cm7 is an abbreviation for C minor 7th.

What is a7 chord?

A7 is a four-note chord consisting of A, C#, E, G.

When was youre chords?

Too young, too dumb to realize G F G That I should ‘ve bought you flowers C And held your hand F Should ‘ve gave you all my hours G C When I had the chance F Take you to every party G Am Cause all you wanted to do was dance Dm F Now my baby’s dancing Fm C But she’s dancing with another man [Bridge] F Although it hurts