How to play running down a dream on guitar

What key is runnin down a dream in?

Key of A. Runnin ‘ Down A Dream by Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers is in the key of A. It should be played at a tempo of 85 BPM.

What does running down a dream mean?

In this song, Petty sings about driving into the great wide open, with nothing but glorious possibility in his path. Petty started running down his dream of being a rocker in 1961 when he met Elvis Presley. Each strip told the story of one of Nemo’s dreams , and at the end, he always woke up.

What album is Running Down a Dream on?

Live On Stage FM Broadcasts – Stephen C O’Connoll Centre 4th November 1993

When was Runnin Down a Dream released?


Who sings Runnin Down a Dream?

Tom Petty Johnny Thunders