How to play otherside on guitar

What’s the easiest Red Hot Chili Peppers song on guitar?

be Otherside

Is under the bridge hard to play on guitar?

It cant hurt to work on it slowly though, and if you practice you can get the intro down pretty quick. I’ve been practicing the intro, it’s not too hard just hurts my index finger a little from the barring. Just practice it, and you’ll callous on the side of your index finger.

What key is under the bridge?

C major

Is Yesterday hard to play on guitar?

Yesterday – The Beatles. Playing the guitar can seem daunting when first starting out. Being able to combine the different elements of playing – picking, strumming, bass lines and voice leading – into a single song appears formidable.

Is Blackbird hard to learn on guitar?

Blackbird is not hard , really, but if you can play it and are satisfied, then that’s what’s important.

Is under the bridge played with a pick?

I was referring to just the intro. The rest is all done using a pick , so you would fall under the “no pick ” category. p.s. Slasriani, I thought you were going to say you held the pick with your teeth and played with it that way that would be pretty amazing.