How to play easy like sunday morning on guitar

Who played guitar solo on easy Commodores?


What does Easy Like Sunday Morning lyrics mean?

Rather than being depressed about the break-up, he states that he is instead ” easy like Sunday morning “—something that Richie described as evocative of “small Southern towns that die at 11:30pm” on a Saturday night, such as his own Tuskegee, Alabama.

What key is easy by the Commodores in?

G Major

Why did the Commodores break up?

The last few years have been disastrous for them. Hampered by meager record sales, they were reduced to playing small halls. Many thought they had quietly disbanded. But the Commodores never quit.

How old is Thomas Mcclary?

71 years (October 6, 1949)

Who wrote brick house song?

Ronald LaPread Thomas McClary Milan Williams Lionel Richie