How to play dust in the wind on acoustic guitar

What tuning is dust in the wind?

More videos on YouTube The guitar track comes from two guitarists playing six-string guitars in unison, one in standard tuning and the other in Nashville tuning , to create a chimey sound similar to a twelve-string guitar.

Is dust in the wind hard to play?

It’s probably not as hard as it sounds to play , so if you’re new to this don’t be put off, once you learn the basic pattern, it should fall into place fairly quickly. The trick is not to rush yourself, play it only as fast as you can play it perfectly, and then gradually speed it up.

Is dust in the wind Travis picking?

The fingerpicking style that we are working with in ” Dust In the Wind ” is called Travis picking . Travis picking is the technique of using the thump to pick two repetitive bass notes to create a rhythmic and harmonic foundation for the song.

Who sings dust in the wind?


Where was dust in the wind recorded?

Woodland Studios