How to make a guitar look worn

How long does it take to naturally Relic A Guitar?

If its nitro, probably 5-10 years of decent use will show big signs of natural wear. Probably only take a few years for it to start.

How can you tell the age of a wood guitar?

When I age wood I use the steel wool vinegar thing. Soak the steel wool in a GLASS jar of vinegar until the stuff turns brown from the rust – maybe a week or so. Put it on with a brush. The grain will raise from the moisture so you must sand it down again.

How much does it cost to Relic A Guitar?

A new AV Strat is US$2299, maybe minus 15% or so if you buy in person from a shop that knows you. A search of for “Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster Heavy Relic ” turns up over 100 guitars starting at about $2,200, with a bunch of nice choices under $3,000.

How long does a guitar take to age?

Englemann is softer than Sitka and would open up faster. When I get a new guitar, I usually play it about the same rate you do, maybe a little less, and they tend to take 3-6 months to start opening up. His top is Cedar.

Do guitars improve with age?

The single most important reason acoustic guitars sound better as they get older is the aging of the wood used to construct the body, namely the soundboard, or ‘top wood’. As wood ages it loses moisture, it becomes lighter, while retaining overall stiffness and strength.

How do you age a maple fretboard?

just put a very light coat of lacquer on the fretboard and then wear it away with your playing. it won’t take very long if you only use a very light finish but it will be much more natural and much more a part of your playing.