How to learn pentatonic scales guitar

How do I start learning guitar scales?

In this free guitar lesson we’ll cover 8 steps… Step 1: Understand the basics. Step 2: The Major Scale . Step 3: The Minor Scale . Step 4: The Major Pentatonic Scale . Step 5: The Minor Pentatonic Scale . Step 6: The Blues Scale . Step 7: Learn how to diagnose keys. Step 8: Understand the huge importance of root notes.

What to learn after pentatonic scales?

Then when you want to expand to 7 note scales (instead of 5) I would suggest learning the major scale , the natural minor scale (also called the aolian scale ), the mixolydian scale , then the dorian scale , in that order.

Why is the pentatonic scale so popular?

Pentatonic scales are extremely popular these days with pop songwriters because they allow for musical freedoms and interesting sonorities that would be difficult to achieve otherwise without venturing too far away from the pop sound.

Is C major pentatonic the same as a minor pentatonic?

C Major Pentatonic and A Minor Pentatonic are relative scales – the same thing played in a different context. In practical terms, that means the two scales are interchangeable, so with a bit of music theory knowledge, you can make a Major Pentatonic shape sound like a Minor Pentatonic Shape and vice versa.

Should I learn chords or scales first?

Concentrate on chords first because the foundation of almost all popular music is harmony. Once you get familiar with chords , learn ways of connecting chord tones together (melodic lines). One way this is done is with scale tones, so at that point you would be learning scales !

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What are the 5 notes in the pentatonic scale?

Each pentatonic scale found by running up the keys C, D, E, G and A can be thought of as the five notes shared by seven different heptatonic modes.

How many minor pentatonic scales are there?

five minor pentatonic scale

How do pentatonic scales work?

Unlike other scales , which often have seven or more notes, the pentatonic scale consists of just five notes. It produces two types of tonalities — major and minor and is one of the most commonly used scales in blues, pop and rock.

Should I learn minor or major pentatonic?

Pentatonic /blues is a good first scale to learn if you just want to get playing . Then if you want to take your knowledge further, the minor scale is only two extra notes, and it gives you access to all of the above and a whole world more. I would suggest a major scale .

How important are pentatonic scales?

The pentatonic scale is the foundation for almost every other scale there is. Especially the blues scale , natural minor scale , harmonic minor scale , and the melodic minor scale . It will increase your confidence in playing dramatically. No more feelings of being overwhelmed by scales or the guitar.

Can you play the pentatonic scale anywhere on the guitar?

Since the first and last notes of the pentatonic scale are the same note (an octave up), you can just begin repeating the pattern to play further up the string. The note after that would be at the 22nd fret. You can use this pattern to play the minor pentatonic scale anywhere on the guitar fretboard.