How to lacquer a guitar

What is the best way to apply lacquer?

Use a bristle brush, preferably of high-quality natural bristles, to apply the lacquer . Be certain to work quickly adding a thin coat, but don’t over-brush your work. You can add additional coats later to even out the finish as needed.

How many coats of lacquer do you need?

Lacquer in a can does usually spray thinner coats, so don’t be surprised if you wind up with 12-15 coats to get everything nice and level. I wet sand the last coat with 1200-1500-2000-2500 paper, than buff & polish. That should look great.

How many coats of lacquer should I apply?

In order to do a really good lacquer job you need to apply a couple coats then sand it and wait a few days then reapply a couple more coats . Do this three or four times to allow the solvent from each spraying session to escape the lower layers to prevent die back and ..

What is the best finish for guitars?

Nitrocellulose is dried by evaporation and allows the application of very thin layers that are fused together. This fading effect between layers makes its restoration / repair much easier than polyurethane or polyester . It is a durable finish that offers good protection.

How many coats of lacquer should I apply to wood?

In addition, spray can lacquer is highly thinned and many coats are required to build a durable finish. If you don’t want to brush on a finish, try thinning the varnish 50/50 with mineral spirits and wipe on the finish. 5-6 coats should give you a nice, durable finish.

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Can you paint over a guitar finish?

You can decide to either sand away the finish completely, or you can rough up the finish that’s already on the guitar to put on a fresh coat of paint that’s going to stick to the instrument.