How to do a sunburst finish on a guitar

How do you paint a guitar step by step?

How to Paint the Guitar Step #1: Strip the Guitar body. Step #2: Fill the holes up. Step #3: Mask the Guitar . Step #4: Apply the Primer. Step #5: Apply the Guitar Paint Colour. Step #6: Apply the clear Coat. Step #7: Sand and Polish.

Is Sunburst a color?

Sunburst is a style of finishing for musical instruments such as electric and acoustic guitars and electric basses. At the center of a sunburst -finished surface is an area of lighter color (often showing the wood grain underneath) that darkens gradually towards the edges before hitting a dark rim.

What is the best finish for a guitar?

Nitrocellulose is dried by evaporation and allows the application of very thin layers that are fused together. This fading effect between layers makes its restoration / repair much easier than polyurethane or polyester . It is a durable finish that offers good protection.

Can you paint over a guitar finish?

You can decide to either sand away the finish completely, or you can rough up the finish that’s already on the guitar to put on a fresh coat of paint that’s going to stick to the instrument.

Can you use polyurethane on a guitar?

Polyurethane and polyester guitar finishes are considered the industry standard; the modern norm if you will. This means that multiple layers of polyester or polyurethane aren’t necessary, unlike nitro finishes that require many. Poly guitar finishes are therefore much easier to use and quicker to apply .

Can you paint on a guitar?

Yes, you can paint on a guitar . However, it’s not as simple as painting straight onto the existing surface of the guitar because the guitar is already painted and sealed, so these existing layers need to be removed first.