How much does guitar center pay for used guitars

How much does Guitar Center pay for used gear?

In most locations* we offer up to a $500 cash payment for your gear . Beyond $500 will be paid with a check† or Guitar Center Visa® Prepaid Card**. All payments are made the same day of the transaction.

Is Guitar Center fair on trade ins?

Guitar Center is a reseller, so they have to be able to make money off of the gear they buy in. Fair is relative. Trade in/ trade up is cool because alone with the trade value, you get an extra 10% on non-sale , non-clearances items.

Are used guitars from Guitar Center good?

Yes it is. Generally they are picky about what they take in, and selling them something or trading in can be frustrating. By the same token most of the used stuff is in good shape. If there is a local GC where they know you , then buy used online.

How much does Guitar Center charge to set up a guitar?

Keep your instrument sounding its best by getting a professional standard setup for only $49.99 . A pack of select strings is included with the setup.

Can you negotiate used gear at Guitar Center?

IME Guitar Center does not negotiate on their guitar prices. You might be able to talk them down on used / vintage gear , but for new stuff they have very strict contracts with manufacturers that don’t really give them much wiggle room. If its something that they know is going to sell, they wont come down on the price.

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Is it worth selling gear to Guitar Center?

You may pay slightly more for the work, but it will be solid. As far as selling to GC, they will low ball you. If you’re trading, they may give you slightly more because then they’re just going against the markup of whatever you’re trading for instead of trying to make straight profit from a cash sale.

How much do pawn shops pay for guitars?

Electric Guitar Pawn Value by Brand

Electric Guitar Min. Pawn Value Max. Pawn Value
Epiphone $25 $200
Fender $20 $250
Ibanez $15 $140
Washburn $30 $50

Do Guitar Center employees get commission?

Workers at Guitar Center make the legal minimum wage plus commission , but they aren’t paid that commission until they sell a certain amount of product against their base pay. There’s never a consistent pay check.

Can you trade in guitars?

As most people have said, they will offer you about 50-60% of what they will sell it for. If your guitar is worth more than a few hundred I’d definitely sell it yourself. But if you ‘d rather just get rid of it, it may be worth trading to avoid the hassle.

Is Guitar Center in financial trouble?

The gear retailer apparently has $1.3 billion in debt According to the Times, Guitar Center is in talks with creditors about a plan that would see the company file for bankruptcy, with the hope of balancing its books by early 2021.

Is Guitar Center safe to order from?

Yes they are reliable . The biggest complaints are that most the employees are 17 year old jerkoffs who may or may not know jack about guitars and just wanna hang out all day. also that as a business they take customers away from small mom and pop guitar shops.

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Is buying on reverb safe?

Most of my gear is bought from Reverb . I highly recommend it. Haven’t ran into any thing sketchy other than two items being poorly packaged. They arrived safe though so didn’t matter at that point really.

Does Guitar Center do free setups?

They dont set up anything free new or used. Guitars comes as they are , setups are considered custom work.

Is a guitar setup worth it?

It honestly depends on where you get it set up. If it’s a good guy, the set up will easily be worth it . A decent setup can make the difference between wanting to play your guitar , and not being bothered because ‘it’s too hard to play’. So, it’s extremely important to have it set up correctly.

Should I have my guitar professionally set up?

Regardless of the value of your guitar it needs a professional quality setup to play properly. A proper setup will help you to get the most from your practice time and best results when playing. You will find it easier to play, and because the tone is accurate you’ll be able to tell how much you are improving.