How long does it take to get an order from guitar center

How long does it take for Guitar Center to process an order?

Order Status is still ” Processing “. I called customer service several times and they always tell me to give it another 24 hours. The item is supposed to be shipped within 3-5 business days after ordering – its been 2 weeks!

Does Guitar Center ship to your house?

If you would like to order the gear for yourself, you can have an associate place an order in SPO, which is our online ordering system. From here, it can either be shipped to your local Guitar Center for pickup, or to your house .

How do I track my order from Guitar Center?

Track Order 866-498-7882 English. 877-687-5402 Español. Chat Now.

How long does an order take once shipped?

The timeframe indicated next to each country refers to business days (weekends excluded) and starts from the moment that a package is collected by the shipping company. This may differ from the time that you received the shipping confirmation by one day.

How much will Guitar Center give me?

The thing about guitar center is they also sell used gear so any price they quote you would need to be one where they could still resell for a profit. General rule of thumb is they resell at 50-60% of original value, therefore they give you 30-40% of its value.

Can you get a refund at Guitar Center?

Guitar Center Return Policy To receive a full refund , items must be in original condition and unused with all original manuals, accessories, warrantees and original packaging or a return handling charge will be assessed. To avoid shipping fees, return items at the nearest Guitar Center store.

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Is Guitar Center safe to order from?

Yes they are reliable . The biggest complaints are that most the employees are 17 year old jerkoffs who may or may not know jack about guitars and just wanna hang out all day. also that as a business they take customers away from small mom and pop guitar shops.

Does Guitar Center charge for shipping?

No, they charge you shipping regardless. At least where I’m at (DFW) it’s no cheaper to pick it up at the store than it is to have it delivered to my house.

Can you bring your own guitar Guitar Center?

yeah that’s correct. they do repairs for guitar as well, so you hafta be able to bring it in, you just have to check it at the door, and you can mess around on amps and the like.

How long does it take to ship a guitar?

It should be 3-4 days at most.

How do I track a product?

Use the tracking number Find the order you want to track . If you see multiple orders, select View order to see details. Find the shipment you want to track . Click Track shipment.

Why did Guitar Center cancel my order?

Their systems don’t update online inventory very good so if you place an order through the site it will take the order even if it had been sold. That’s exactly why the orders get canceled – when you “bought” it it was actually no longer available.

How long do Shein orders take to come?

How long does it take for my order to ship? When you place an order with SHEIN we will have to process the order first. Processing usually takes 1-3 business days. Shipping time will be 6-8 working days by standard shipping and 2-4 working days by express shipping.

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How long is USPS shipping?

Domestic Mail & Shipping Services

Service Shipping Time Mail or Package
Priority Mail® 1– 3 Days 5 Packages
USPS Retail Ground® Estimated 2–8 Days Packages
Media Mail® Estimated 2–8 Days Packages
First-Class Mail® Estimated 1– 3 Days Mail, Small Packages (up to 13 oz)

Where does Shein ship from?

I’ve noticed that SHEIN orders typically come from a couple of places for me in the United States. Sometimes they come from China, and those orders can take a while longer, but they will also come from New York or California, and those orders tend to be quicker.