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Whether you play classical, jazz or spanish guitar (or any other instrument for that matter), you need to make sure that you have a good practice space.

When I first started practicing guitar, all I had was a chair, a music stand and a guitar. Sometimes I would even play sitting on the floor with my music. This minimal practice setup felt good initially, because I felt I could be free, but I was soon experiencing aches and pains (not sitting properly) and I didn’t feel that I had the tools necessary to practice well.

I recently read the book, ‘The Musicians Way‘ by Gerald Klickstein which inspired me to think more carefully about how I set up a space to practice. After reading this great book, I decided to write my own practice space inventory. I was really surprised to see how much stuff I actually needed to practice well:

  • A good armless chair (at a suitable height)
  • Music stand
  • Music (everything you need all in one place, including any technical exercises and sight-reading material)
  • Metronome
  • Guitar stand
  • Notebook
  • Music notebook (for jotting down musical ideas as and when you have them)
  • Pen
  • Pencil
  • Rubber
  • Footstool / guitar support
  • A music stand light
  • A light / lamp for your general practice area
  • Mirror
  • CD / mp3 player (for transcribing / listening to examples)
  • Nail care equipment (files, polishing cloths, nail cream, and nail scissors for the left hand)
  • Tuner

When choosing equipment, get the best you can. Nothing is more frustrating than a music stand that does not stand up properly or a pen which doesn’t work. Everything should be geared to making practicing as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. If something frustrates you, change it.