As of late, I have decided to invest my time and resources into improving my guitar practice regiment. In doing so, the first item I had to purchase was a guitar stool. The reason for this is because the correct posture allows for maximum practice time. This reason for this is due to the decrease of strain that the guitar stool gives when you  compare it to sitting on a normal chair which was not designed for guitarists.

Before I went ahead and made just any purchase, I thought I’d spend a bit more time into researching different guitar stools and chairs and then choosing the one which I thought would suit me and my practice regimen the best.


From my research I came to the conclusion that the Quick Lok guitar stool was the best stool for my needs and since purchasing it I couldn’t be happier.

Thought I’d do a little bit of a review on this item seeing as though it is now an important part of my guitar practicing arsenal and has even made its way into my live performance as well.

The Quik Lok is a bit more expensive than other guitar stools on the market however, this is a high quality guitar stool and judging by the reviews I read and having owned it now for a few weeks, I can definitely tell you that the extra bucks spent on this guitar chair were well worth it!

Everything is adjustable and folds up exceptionally easily and well which is great for home and live use!